If you are interested in immigrating to Canada, you need to be eligible for at least one of these classes of immigration:

Economic class

This class is based on the academic background and the professional skills of the applicant. Subcategories of this class typically rank the applicants using a point system, which takes into account criteria such as their level of education, work experience and language skills.

Family class

Immigration through this category is specifically designed to help individuals reunite with family members who are already citizens or permanent residents of Canada.
The most used programs under this category are parental sponsorship, spousal sponsorship and adoption.

Business class

This category enables entrepreneurs and people with higher financial abilities to move to Canada, to either extend a branch of an existing business, or to establish a new venture here. There are extensive support programs in place that they can avail themselves of, which can help guide them to a successful business outcome. The applications are judged based on a combined evaluation of the venture’s potential for success, its job-creating prospects, as well as the applicant’s business and financial acumen. Overall, the applicants need to show how their business venture will be of significant economical and/or cultural benefits to the Canadian society.

Refugee class

Canada has always been a safe haven for people who have to flee from their native country due to various reasons such as wars, political or socioeconomical crises, or when aspects of their person or activities cause them to be persecuted in their homeland. Canada takes pride in having open arms for people from all around the globe in times of need of support.